The logic behind the anti-Hindu schemes of Congress

There is nothing unusual about UPA government’s sympathy for Maoism.

Pro- Maoist leader Dr. Binayak Sen is a prominent leader of the civil society. Sonia Gandhi, who has filled up her National Advisory Council (NAC) with civil society activists and supporters is the chief patron of the civil society activists.

The UPA government, influenced by the civil society, has always been sympathetic to not only the Maoist movement, but all militant movements in the country.

The first major decision of the UPA government after coming to power in 2004 was the abolition of Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA), a move welcomed by all terrorist and secessionist outfits in the country.

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When the Asthamangala (astrological sessions) at the Sri Anantapadmanabhaswamy Temple took place, there was an interesting finding.

The Gods were obviously angry with the breakup of the treasury door.  The Gods have cursed the Ruler and his family with extinction.  The treasury can be used only if there is a calamity, not otherwise — thus came out the astrological observations.

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Indian Media/Congress starts lying to defame Anna Hazare

Indian Media starts lying to defame Anna Hazare. See this news item very clearly. The heading is misleading. Nowhere is Anna accused of corruption. It is a trust that is accused of corruption.  Besides, the alleged corruption is only Rs. 2.20 lakh while the Congress corruption 2.2 lakh crores.

See this NDTV post.

Anna: Government defaming me; Sawant report doesn’t say I am corrupt

Why Indian pseudo intellectuals are afraid of Subramaiam Swamy and his views on Hindu-Muslim issue

Recently ace Indian economist and former Union Finance Minister Subramaniam Swamy had written an Op-Ed peice on “How to solve the problem of Islamic Terrorism”.

The crux of the article was that Hindus should unite against the increasing menace of Islamic terror.  It also took the pseudo Indian intellectuals to task for aiding and abetting Islamic terror by ignoring it.

This writing created such a furore that the ace-Indian pseudo intellectuals filed a petition seeking Swamy’s removal as Professor of Economics at Harvard University.

Harvard replied stating that it stands by free speech and does not believe in suppressing it.

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Who is paying the Indian Media for their anti-Hindu agenda?

You can purchase news in exchange for cash

For any impartial observer of the Indian media antics, the anti-Hindu agenda is clearly visible.  That is besides my point now.

I would like to dwell more on who are behind the anti-Hindu agenda.

Two developments clearly tell us who is behind this:

1. The arrest of Nira Radia 2. The arrest of Ghulam Nabi Fai.

Nira Radia — who is/was  a Corporate lobbyist — had bribed most of the ace Indian pseudosecular Media stars like Barkha Dutt, Vir Sanghvi.  She had even arranged for the entire salaries of the media industry dons.

Ghulam Nabi Fai — who was arrested recently — was a paid member of the ISI.  His guest list included Rajendra Sachar (who sought reservation for Muslims) and Dileep Padgaonkar (the Editor of Times of India).  Most of our senior pseudosecular journalists are in the guest list of several fronts of the terrorist organisations.

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Skewed Logic: Open Magazine defends Islamic terrorism, finds fault with Hindu resurgence

The so-called Western liberal “Open Mag” has chosen to defend Islamic terrorism by stating that Breivik derived his inspiration from the Indian “Right Fanatics”.

What they failed to say was that Breivik was a Christian fundamentalist who was alarmed about the rise of islamic ghettoes.

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‘Krishna existed. The school texts are wrong’

Doubts should be cast on other two “cultic leaders” not Krishna.  However, our textbooks teach us otherwise.
‘Krishna existed. The school texts are wrong’
Published: Saturday, Aug 29, 2009, 0:12 IST
By Raj Nambisan | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA

Dr Manish Pandit, sutradhar of the documentary Krishna: History or Myth, uses four pillars — archaeology, linguistics, what he calls the living tradition of India, and astronomy — to arrive at the circumstantial verdict that Krishna was for real, because the Mahabharata and the battle of Kurukshetra did indeed happen. In an interview with DNA, Pandit outlines his documentary journey. Excerpts:

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Truth remains truth even if anti-Hindu media barks 24 X 7

Radha krishna

Yeah, I know the pet media fetish and I am really glad to hear the word political correctness.

So here are a few politically correct barks (24X7) from the media.  It flows along the following lines:

  1.  Islam is peace.  Muslims are for peace (The Truth is that Islam is violence and Muslims are terrorists).
  2. Hindus are steeped in superstition (The Truth is that Hindus are steeped in wisdom).

Then there are obfuscatory themes on racism, S&T, atheism et al.  No details required.

Despite media propaganda, Islamophobia is growing.  Hindu ethos are getting nearer.

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धर्म रक्षा और पेशेवर हिंदू

संगठन के प्रवास में हम सबको अनेक लोग मिलते हैं| उनमे से बहुत से ऐसे होते हैं, जो हिंदुत्व, हिंदू धर्म के लिए ‘कुछ’ करना चाहते हैं, किंतु समझ नही पाते कि वो क्या करे, क्या कर सकते हैं; कुछ ऐसे मिलते हैं जो चाहते हैं हिंदू कि हिंदू धर्म का, हिंदुओं का भला हो, लेकिन वह भला विहिप, बजरंग दल जैसे संगठन करे – स्वयं वे इसमे सम्मिलित नही होंगे; कुछ ऐसे भी मिलते हैं जो हिंदू होते हुए हिंदू धर्म का उपहास करने को ‘आधुनिकता’ मानते हैं|

यहाँ पर हम उनके विषय मे विचार करेंगे जो उत्तम पैशेवर है, हिंदू धर्म के लिए ‘बहुत कुछ’ करना चाहते हैं, परंतु निश्चित क्या करे, इस विषय में संभ्रमित रुहते हैं| यहाँ हम केवल धन दान की चर्चा नही कर रहे हैं, हाआँ वे प्रोफेशनल / पैशेवर हिंदू धर्म और हिंदुओं के लिए धन दान के लिए हमेशा आनंदित होते हैं किंतु हर व्यक्ति की ‘हिंदुओं के लिए क्या करना चाहिए’ इस विषय में अलग – अलग कल्पना / श्रधा होती है| डॉक्टर, वकील, प्रोफेसर्स, निवृत न्यायाधीश, आईएएस ऑफिसर्स, पोलीस, सेनाधिकारी, सी.ए., इंजिनीयर्स, वैज्ञानिक, विविध सेवा / कारखाने चलाने वाले उधयोजक … यह कूची लंबी है| हम सब जहाँ – जहाँ होते हैं, वहाँ – वहाँ हमें इन सूब बुद्धिमान, यशाश्वि लोगों से मिलने का अवसर रहता है| सभी की दुर्दम्य इच्छा होती है की वे हिंदू धर्म के लिए ‘कुछ’ करें – ऐसा कुछ जो धर्म श्रधा से जुड़ा हुआ हो, जो हिंदू धर्म के लिए रचनात्मक हो|

वे क्या कर सकते हैं, यह चर्चा करने के पहले हम यह देखेंगे की यह व्यावसायिक हमसे क्या – क्या प्रश्न करते हैं|

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