Why Indian pseudo intellectuals are afraid of Subramaiam Swamy and his views on Hindu-Muslim issue

Recently ace Indian economist and former Union Finance Minister Subramaniam Swamy had written an Op-Ed peice on “How to solve the problem of Islamic Terrorism”.

The crux of the article was that Hindus should unite against the increasing menace of Islamic terror.  It also took the pseudo Indian intellectuals to task for aiding and abetting Islamic terror by ignoring it.

This writing created such a furore that the ace-Indian pseudo intellectuals filed a petition seeking Swamy’s removal as Professor of Economics at Harvard University.

Harvard replied stating that it stands by free speech and does not believe in suppressing it.

Now this is exactly the problem with Indian pseudo intellectuals.  They want to suppress the genuine Hindu voices as they get fed by Pakistani spies to keep their mouth shout and apply diversioary tactics.

Even the Wiki Leaks was very clear on this.  It was the Congress Party led by the Italian bitch Sonia who foisted the concept of Hindu terrorism for one simple reason — to appease the vote bank of Muslim fanatics.

No amount of defence can defend the indefensible.  Islamic terrorism is a truth which you cannot avoid..

This is exactly the problem.  Indian mainstream journalists, politicians and bureaucrats want to dunk their head in sand just like an Ostrich.

7 thoughts on “Why Indian pseudo intellectuals are afraid of Subramaiam Swamy and his views on Hindu-Muslim issue

  1. LOL, nice write-up, my buddy was just mentioning some thing opposite to what you are stating the other day to me. I’m going to have to send him a link to this post.

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